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Fire Damage Testimonials

Randy & Chris are competent, likeable gentlemen who explained the process fully for the completion of the work

The girls have cleaned my house beyond my expectations. They found places to clean that I never could have found. The cleaning service that I had clean my house when I moved here didn't clean windows and now the windows look new.

We want to thank you for the great job the your crew of Travis and Tanya did for the clean up of the turkey damage to our house. After they left, you would barely know anything happened. They took care of the shards of glass left in the  window frame, which was a bit beyond the call of duty given the precarious nature of that job on the ladder and in the cold wind. I have to take my hat off to Travis for doing it. They did a great job putting up the plastic sheet and tacked it in the frame very well, as there is no draft coming through it at all that we can feel. Tanya did a fantastic job restoring the leather couch. There are no stains of blood anywhere. It basically looks as good as new. 

Thanks again for the great service. We don't wish for future business with your company, but if there is a need, we will certainly give you a call. We will also be happy to recommend you to others.  

Well organized. Good team work and polite very detailed oriented. I highly recommend them. 

Dave was so polite and the job he did was the best! He took his time and asked how it was every step of the way. It looked so good when he was done! I am so happy with the job. 

Tanya & Jeremy did an excellent job and exceeded my expectations Tanya is well informative and knowledgeable and explained things in a clear and pleasant way I look forward to calling SERVPRO next time.   

Tanya, Jaime, Jaret, Maurice, Randy

Outstanding crew! Professional in every way. Answered all of my questions. 


Did a really good job