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Appliance Fire

Appliance fires are a common cause of home fires.  In this home, a dryer caught on fire while in use. And although the fire itself was contained fairly qui... READ MORE

Home Fire Damage

Fires can be frightening, as they spread quickly. This fire started in the garage, and quickly spread into the adjacent kitchen and on up into the second floor.... READ MORE

Commercial Ceiling Collapses due to Water Damage in Eugene.

Water is one of the most powerful natural forces on the planet. It is also one of the most destructive.  It can erode mountains…imagine what it can ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

When the unplanned happens, its best of have someone you know you can count on for help! A water line break flooded this business' restroom with water and debri... READ MORE

Freezing weather causes damage

Any loss to property can be devastating, as well as frustrating.  When you are a renter of the property, and not the owner, that frustration can be increas... READ MORE

Water causes huge mold damage

Mold spores are plentiful in Oregon. Mix that with our mild winters with all the dampness, and you have the perfect environment from mold growth. That is what t... READ MORE

Mold Removal in Oregon

When we think of water damage, we envision a ruptured pipe and water spraying everywhere. More often, we encounter damage caused a small leak, due to an ill-fit... READ MORE

Mold Spreads In A Home

Any home or business can quickly become infested with mold with the introduction of a water source, like a roof or plumbing leak. A faulty connection on a washi... READ MORE

Bedroom Fire In Oregon

When most people think of the damage and devastation a fire can bring to a home, they envision charred wood, and personal items covered in soot and ash.  I... READ MORE

Main Pipe Breaks in home

When the unexpected happens - call SERVPRO! This family came home from a day out to find rats had chewed through a hot water hose to their dishwasher. The wood ... READ MORE