Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Appliance Fire

Appliance fires are a common cause of home fires. In this home, a dryer caught on fire while in use. And although the fire itself was contained fairly quickly,... READ MORE

Home Fire Damage

Fires can be frightening, as they spread quickly. This fire started in the garage, and quickly spread into the adjacent kitchen and on up into the second floor.... READ MORE

Bedroom Fire In Oregon

When most people think of the damage and devastation a fire can bring to a home, they envision charred wood, and personal items covered in soot and ash. Its ea... READ MORE

Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes in the form of Mother Nature it can leave behind quite the mess. In this house walls were torn away from the frame and the owners were dis... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Damage Restoration

Kitchen fires are no joke! There are many damage components. Charring of materials, layers of ash and soot, smoke damage that leaves a lingering odor. But none ... READ MORE

Fencing Restoration

A fire can mean many things. Soot and ash, a lingering smoke odor, even loss of property. Or, with SERVPRO, it can mean a thorough clean up job, mitigation of a... READ MORE

Fire damage in Albany Oregon

This home suffered fire damage. As a result, the interior was completely rebuilt along with new siding. Customer was ecstatic with the end results. 

Water damage due to fire

Water damage from fire department putting out the fire in the garage. We were able to redesign the kitchen as the home owner requested. Customer loved the final... READ MORE

Fire damage in living room

Here is a project that we completed last month. Pre- fire damaged structure to Post – Restoration / remodel. We refinished the original early 1900's hardw... READ MORE

Dryer Fire Damage Repair in Sweet Home, OR

Dryer caused a fire in Sweet Home, Oregon. Smoked filled the entire home and caused sheet rock and cabinet damage in the laundry room. We were able to clean the... READ MORE