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Water treatment plan removed the mineral build up off the piping. We were able to clean the piping leaving it stainless steel again. The water treatment pl... READ MORE

Fire damage in Albany Oregon

This home suffered fire damage. As a result, the interior was completely rebuilt along with new siding. Customer was ecstatic with the end results. 

Church main breaks under Sunday School Class Room

Main break caused severe damage to a church. We were able to facilitate demo and cleaning over the weekend on a 10,000 SF facility, majority of the drying was c... READ MORE

Water damage due to fire

Water damage from fire department putting out the fire in the garage. We were able to redesign the kitchen as the home owner requested. Customer loved the final... READ MORE

Fire damage in living room

Here is a project that we completed last month. Pre- fire damaged structure to Post – Restoration / remodel. We refinished the original early 1900's hardw... READ MORE

Kitchen Remodeling Services In Benton County

Remodel your kitchen today, and check out the kitchen remodels that we have done in the past at SERVPRO. In this home we worked on repairing a kitchen after wat... READ MORE

Water Damaged Kitchen Repairs

Let SERVPRO help you restore your kitchen after it has been damaged by water or fire. This kitchen received a full remodel after it was fire damaged by smoke an... READ MORE

We restored and remodeled this Kitchen in Benton County

SERVPRO can help you restore your kitchen after damage and we do remodels 

Hot water line broke in crawl space SERVPRO did damage repairs in Albany, OR

A hot water line broke and steamed in crawl space for approx 1 month. All materials in the crawl space contain heavy amounts of growth on them. We were able to ... READ MORE

SERVPRO Repairs Frozen Pipe Water Damage in Albany, OR

This home owner was spending the cold month in NV when their water lines, located in the attic, froze and then broke causing damage to their home. We were able ... READ MORE